Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality - HSEQ 
The main focus of the  HSEQ Department is to provide HSEQ guidance to its workforce and demonstrate to stakeholders that there is a systematic approach to HSEQ management across all company sites and processes. This approach assures compliance with the laws and standards applicable within the State of Qatar, and the company's own HSEQ Policies. The HSEQ function also ensures and maintains continuous improvement in HSEQ performance. This system is fully described in the company's HSEQ MS Manual (CHTC-HS-001 - Revision 0), which is located in the HSEQ-MS folder on thecompany's Q-drive.
The primary objective of this HSEQ Management System is to demonstrate that essential controls are in place such that all HSEQ risks arising from all our activities are measured, tolerable, and reduced to as low as reasonably practicable .
 Specifically, the HSEQ Management System:-
  • Demonstrates that there is a systematic HSEQ MS in place for all our activities, designed to ensure compliance with all applicable legislation and our HSEQ policies, and to achieve continuous HSEQ performance improvement.
  • Demonstrates that there are controls in place for all hazards and effects, and that Health , Safety, Environmental and Quality risks are evaluated and managed to meet our risk acceptance criteria
  • Demonstrates that all hazards and effects, which may result in High (Intolerable) Risk as defined in the HSEQ Manual have been identified, assessed and are suitably controlled, and that measures have been taken to reduce the risk to a level As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP), and that appropriate recovery preparedness measures are in place in the event that control is lost.
  • Demonstrates that the HSEQ MS for all our business activities covers all elements of Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality.
  • Identifies HSEQ interface anf critical activities and ensure they suitably managed.
Within the Line, the HSEQ Manager reports routinely to the Operations Manager, but also have a direct reporting line with the General Manager. The Head of HSE in his official capacity attends the management meetings.
Below is the link to Celod HDIF Trading and Contracting Co WLL Corporate HSEQ Policy.
Corporate HSEQ Policy
The activities of HSEQ Team are led and coordinated by a HSEQ Manager, who reports to directly to the top management.

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